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Urban Dictionary: tennis anyone?

tennis anyone? What rich, spoiled, white people say with a sweater wrapped around their neck holding a tennis racket before a round of tennis.

Anyone for tennis? - Wikipedia

The phrase "Anyone for tennis?" (also given as "Tennis, anyone?") is an English language idiom primarily of the 20th century. The phrase is used to invoke a stereotype of shallow, leisured, upper-class toffs ( tennis was, particularly before the widespread advent of public courts in the later 20th century, seen as a posh game for the rich, with courts popular at country clubs and private estates).

Tennis, anyone? 成语, slang phrases - Idioms Proverbs

Tennis, anyone? dated An expression of indifference to matters beyond or outside of one's own sphere of concerns. The phrase was popularized in plays in the early 20th century as a jab at the aristocracy and upper class who cared little or not at all for the problems afflicting those in social classes beneath them.

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Tennis anyone? Back in the 1930s (before my time of course) the expression above was the traditional comment made by a character in a play set in that period. Now I know that tennis isn't everyone's cup of tea or favourite sport….

Tennis - Wikipedia

Tennis is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society and at all ages. The sport can be played by anyone who can hold a racket, including wheelchair users. The modern game of tennis originated in Birmingham, England, in the late 19th century as lawn tennis.

What does the word 'tennis' mean? - Answers

It is believe that the word "tennis" is derived from the French word, "tenir", meaning "to take heed". It is thought that early French tennis players would warn their opponents of a serve coming by yelling "tenez" (prounounced, "ten-AY"; i.e., "take heed, you!"), in a manner similar to a golfer's warning of "fore" before hitting the Golf ball. Refer to the link, below, for further information.

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One of them is the concept of amateurism, which does not exactly mean what you might think it does. Tennis was an avowedly amateur sport, and the biggest tournaments weren’t played by ...

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After 32nd seed the draw is random and anyone can face anyone in round 1 apart from 1 to 32 seed. What does tennis seed mean? “Seeding” is a familiar term from tennis and other sports, in which competitors are ranked in a tournament based on the strength of their previous records.